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People are smart. In general, I think people are smarter than even they think they are. All of us know things. We also all believe things. Sometimes there is a huge difference between the two. We believe some things that we do not know for sure. Sometimes the things we know don't fit with what we believe. I think it makes sense to make sure the two are as close a fit as possible.

Have you ever had someone come up to you and tell you that something you believe is totally wrong? Of course, you are offended. But, then the person shows you proof that they are right! Now, what? Do you ignore them and go your way? Then this is not the site for you.

This site presents questions to see what people think on various subjects. We generally focus on those area that are "taboo" in public discussion - religion and politics. If you want to join in, just think about the question and send us your thoughts to gjohnsonjr@promisesandsecrets.com. If you approve it, we will publish your comments on the page of our site that pertains to that subject.

Question for 11/9/2017: What does obedience to God entail for the modern Gentile Christian?

Question from 9/26/2017: Does any part of the Old Testament still apply to Christians?

You may be surprised by the Biblical answers!

To find out how people have answered, see the page on the menu in the site that deals with the issue above. For the 11/9 question it will be menu God/Religious under the Heading "Obedience". For the 9/26 question see God/Religious under the Heading "Old vs New"

If you are interested in joining other discussions, feel free to enter the site and look around. Each page has two sides, and if you respond to the email address gjohnsonjr@promisesandsecrets.com, your comments will be added to the side you agree with. If you don't agree with any sides and have a valid argument, your comment will still be added to the page.

Do you disagree with the thoughts or concepts we present? Then, we certainly hope you feel strongly enough to send us your opinions, or even those of others you may have heard. We are not experts, but between us we have over 215 years of experience in life, study, and education. During this process, we hope to learn something new and maybe even teach a few things. At the very least, we will get a broader view of life.

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Of course, the opinions expressed in this site are those of the author and of those who send in their thoughts. While we will gladly publish any dissenting opinion, with few exceptions, it must be coherent and publicly presentable. For example, we do not intend to publish profanity, argue whether rocks have feelings, whether God is black, white, yellow, brown, red, or blue..., well, you get the point. However, if we decide not to print your topic of discussion, we will publish the name of the topic and state our reasons for censoring. If enough responses say that others want to cover it, then it becomes fair territory as long as it is coherent and publicly presentable.